Introduction to Article Writing

At some stage in most affiliate’s careers they will write articles. Specifically articles for services like Basically what these services do is offer you a targetted one way back link to your site, in return for an original piece of content. This gives you quite a few benefits, you get referal traffic from EzineArticles itself and you also get the SEO benefit that their one way targetting link provides.

There are five parts to an article, title, keywords, abstract, article body and the resource box.

The Title

The title is one of the most important parts of the article. It’s the first thing a user sees and also serves as the title to the article page. The first part of the title should be the keyword you are targetting with your and the second part something to entice the reader to click. An example would be Fast Weight Loss – 7 things you must know to be succesful


Put in your main keyword and a few related keywords, I’ll leave that part up to you.

The Abstract

This is just a short description of your article that a reader will see in the article listings. It should make the reader want to read your article, without giving out too much information. Keep it short and sweet.

The Article Body

This is where your article goes. There are a few important points to note:

  • Don’t stuff your article with keywords, this doesn’t work and will get your article submission denied.
  • Proof Read – Check spelling and grammar. This is extremely important!
  • Stay on topic, the article body is not a sales pitch. Like they say at EzineArticles, the body is your give and the resource box is your take – or something like that.
A lot of people get caught up writing articles, but it’s best to just jump right in and have a go. Sure some of your articles in the early stages may get turned down (mine did) but you soon learn.

The article body is where the main content of the article is put.  The resource box is where you are allowed to put links to your site. This should be done in a specific way that I will discuss in a later post.

The basic service at EzineArticles is free to sign up and use so go ahead and make an account if you haven’t already. Make sure you put a photo of yourself on your profile as it adds more credibility to your articles and will help conversions.

The Resource Box

This is where you can direct the reader to your site. I use links in the format <a href=”” title=”your sites keyword”>your sites keyword</a>. Search engines take into account the link text from referring links so make sure you put in your sites main keyword as the link text.

That’s it, there is a lot more things to be considered when writing articles like, clickthrough rates, preselling and other more advanced tactics but I’ll save them for a later post.


Clickbank to Success  on October 18th, 2009

Perfect details for starting in article marketing A+ post

Geraline Mcchesnie  on August 18th, 2010

Thanks again for the quick training.

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